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I bought new dog beds for my dogs and they wanted NOTHING to do with them. They avoided them like the plague till I had a think. I positioned a bed near their milk crate toy box and threw in some Happy Paws Treats that they go mad for. There was no hesitation then. Up on the bed and head into the crate. Mission accomplished! I think it would have taken ages if I had not used these. D.W. NSW (Australia) ... Oct 2010

I have GSD show dogs who sleep in the trailer while we are away at shows. My almost 6 month old puppy has been sleeping in the trailer at home recently, to get used to it for when we go away. The routine has been to feed her dinner, let her out to toilet and then put her to bed in the trailer for the night. Being a smart cookie, it didn't take her long to figure out once she had been let out, I was going to lock her up and she started to become hard to catch. Out come the Happy Paws Training Treats! After her toilet break, I would call her over with a treat, practise some sits and then into the trailer and popped some treats in there too. A few days later, she decides to bypass the toilet break and follow me around, sitting each time I look at her, hoping for a treat! She will now even jump straight into the trailer and wait for me to bring the treats to her.
Happy Paws treats have not only solved our little problem at bed time, but have also helped to teach a reliable recall and sit - very valuable lessons for a puppy and she loves learning when these treats are involved!
V.S. Vic (Australia) ... Sept 2010

My dog when first visiting the vet for an ear infection needed not only myself, my son and the vet to hold her, but also a nurse was called in to help secure her hind end.
Obviously, her ear was sore and probing into the inner canal would have been painful. My dog was prescribed antibiotic/inflammatory drops to put in for up to 14 days. This had to be done 2-3 times a day. First, 3 of us at home would hold her head as she was thrashing her head and body about so much. Not nice to see your dog in such stress, so a better answer had to be found.

Happy Paws Training Treats to the rescue! I started by getting my dog to drop to the floor. I laid out a row of treats in a fan shape just out of her reach. She would then be given the okay to reach out for a treat. As she was doing so, I would flip her ear backward, insert the nozzle of the bottle deep into her canal, and then allow her to have another treat from the floor (with the bottle still inserted into ear canal.) I would allow another treat to be reached for, and while she was doing so, would squeeze bottle to instill the drops into the canal. Bottle would be removed, and whole process done for the next ear.

This took as long as she needed to get used to it. The first time I sat with her on the floor and it took nearly 40 minutes to do. No need to push it, because I had 14 days of this ahead of me - lol, what's 40 minutes if it worked? If she behaved and allowed me to do what I needed to do without complaint, she would get all those yummy treats she so desperately wanted.

By the end of day 10 she was not needing to lie on the floor. She would simply sit, I would flip back ear, insert drops, and then the jackpot - a good handful of treats! Not only that, she would be so busy eating the treats that she would forget to shake her head like a mad thing once the drops went in. The lack of shaking was helpful in trying to avoid ear haematomas.

A hard job was made very easy for me, and a lot more comfortable and less stressful for my dog with the use of Happy Paw Training Treats. 10/10 training aid.
D.A. Tas (Australia) ... Sept 2010

Every time we leave the house I put a handful of your treats in the milk bottle and Ziggy doesn't even realise we are leaving. Too busy getting your treats out. Thought you might want to add this to your hints and tips page :-)  
S.G Melbourne (Australia) .... Feb 2010

(This tip comes from an owner with a small dog) .... Kids were going feral today and I needed the dog distracted so I put some Happy Paws treats in an egg carton and closed it up. Kept him going for ages to get to em!

We love the Apperteaser here. In fact just tonight my lil boy spat out his sentinal and would NOT have a bar of it. It was of course nice and sticky after being in his mouth. Rolled it in apperteaser....too easy he scoffed it!! Least now I know what to do if he doesnt like his meds from now on.

I will be ordering Apperteaser with my next order. My aging Stafford has to have multiple tablets every day, which he has with the treats, but I have been mixing Devils Claw powder with his dinner. Even though he is a chow hound, I started sprinkling the "sprinkles" over the top and he loves it! The dogs go nuts for your sprinkles.

When it is Nail Clipping Time, I just give a Happy Paws treat then leave the bag in sight ... no fuss clipping.

Put the Apperteaser powder in ice block trays with water & when frozen, the ice cubes are a good source of heat relief for your dogs on those hot Summer days.

Apperteaser Powder:
In case anyone is considering these and having trouble getting their pup interested in a kong. I smeared a little cream cheese in my pups kong - just enough to coat the inside the sprinkled some apperteaser in it and rolled it around so it stuck to the cream cheese. Kept him occupied for AGES he was tired after all the effort getting every little bit of powder out too!