About Us

How Happy Paws Training Treats Began……

We love training and rewarding our dogs - but we like to keep our best friends healthy as well ....

One of our much loved dogs, a German Shepherd (Zena), was initially diagnosed with Pancreatitis as a pup. Later in life she was rediagnosed with Mega Oesophagus. Both conditions require a careful diet that excludes fat, preservatives & chemicals. 

We were also involved in training our dogs for film and television work.

This type of training requires positive reinforcement for the correct behaviour using treats that the dog will constantly find stimulating, thus producing the desired effect in the shortest possible time frame.  Nothing on the commercial market was at all suitable.

We needed treats free of salt, preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavours, so we experimented with ingredients & developed our own unique treats.

We bought the raw product, fresh from the market & with a lot of hard work over many months of burning the midnight oil, developed the final product.

Naturally, Zena "taste tested" every ingredient to ensure it was up to her high standards & didn't cause an adverse reaction to her delicate physical condition.

After months of getting the production process perfect, we decided "If they're good enough for Zena, they're good enough for every dog lover out there."

This labour of love to provide Zena with the "best treats on the planet", inspired us to share these treats with all of you, so in 1999 Happy Paws Training Treats was launched ....

Our goal
- To provide a quality treat without fat, preservatives & chemicals
- To produce a motivating, convenient treat that promotes positive behaviour in your dog in the shortest possible timeframe
- To encourage happy pets & happy owners.

As a boutique business with a premium product, we do not supply to major retailers. You will always get quality & value. 

Try them. You won't be disappointed ....